Bitch on a Budget

Our little run-in with the Bitches on a Budget book got me thinking – isn’t it funny when a book finds you, instead of you finding a book? you know what I mean? Anyhow I went to Indigo after work tonight and bought my copy of Bitches on a Budget. It wasn’t on sale as I had mentioned in an earlier post (my bad!) but that’s ok, after I read this I’ll be filled with all sorts of money-saving tips that the $19.43 I spent will result in a savings of $1,943. I just made that number up. Here are a few tips this book promises to share (so says the back cover):

* Look and feel rich, whatever your salary
* Embrace “vintage” and snag incredible bargains online
* Entertain at home without feeling like a homebody
* Trim your ass without trimming your assets
* And much more….

I’m on page one and I feel rich already….well not really because I have to pay a bunch of bills tonight. Thumbs down to that.

And on a random side note, I saw this glove on the side of my street just now and guess what brand it is? ISOTONER! Haha. I wore my Isotoners yesterday and had to chuckle because who wears Isotoners anymore? Isn’t it funny seeing a random black glove on the ground? I always think of OJ Simpson. JD



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2 responses to “Bitch on a Budget

  1. Karin

    I’m buying this book! …when payday comes ;)

  2. I forgot to mention – I stole these sunglasses I’m wearing from my aunt. 1985 raw coolness.

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