Bad Hair Day

I started my morning off by cleaning up my apartment and putting my million clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, and accessories away. I want to clean my desk today too – it just helps with feeling on top of things. I need to de-clutter my life more, plus I hate coming home to a messy house.
As a result of my cleaning, I didn’t have time to fuss over my hair and it’s so ugly as you can see. I’m wearing a ratty old headband that I wear to wash my face and the rest is pulled back in a ratty bun. Oh well! It was more important to clean up. Can’t have good hair days all the time right?  JD



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7 responses to “Bad Hair Day

  1. Nicole

    Ahh Julie. Your bad hair day is our good hair day, lol! You still look fabu!

  2. At least it’s not Frankenstein hair. You should post the “Frankenstein” shot as a before…..and then a now shot! DO IT! Your fans need to see!

  3. Bon-Ton

    I know about it too! :)

    And Julie, chillax- you look good!

  4. love the hair band xxxx

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