So Bad it’s Good

Following CM’s post about the pictures above her couch….we actually came across the crazy streamer restaurant in NYC by accident!! We were walking in the East Village not paying attention, and all of a sudden Christine stops in her tracks, points to the wonderful tackiness of xmas lights, tinsel, and streamers, and immediately we ran inside. We were so excited, we didn’t even know what kind of cuisine it was. The menu read Royal Bangladesh – delicious Indian!

The food was really good and our bill came to a whopping $15 total! cra-zy. 

We were convinced this was the restaurant that Carrie and Miranda went to for New Years Even in SATC the Movie, but it wasn’t. We were thrilled by our dinner and the tacky decor, but then it got even better – the waiters started playing a techno Happy Birthday song for the table beside us while clapping and turning the lights off and on…I’ll let the video explain….



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3 responses to “So Bad it’s Good

  1. I still can’t believe we stumbled upon this after having a picture of the place hanging in my apartment for the past year!

  2. Julie

    I know! And it’s funny that there’s more than 1 restaurant decked out like this in NYC. I also went to Tortilla Flats in the West Village with similar decor, and that wasn’t the SATC place either. I’ll post a pic of that one soon.

  3. Was this place, by any chance, on 6th Street? If so, this is totally the Indian restaurant that was in the movie 200 Cigarettes!

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