Polka-dot Bop

Saturday night started in Yorkville’s Park Hyatt’s 18th floor bar, The Roof Lounge.  It was a good place to sit and catch up with friends however I don’t think I will head back there until 20 years has gone by and I have had a considerable amount of plastic surgery.  I wanted to remain in Canadian Olympic fashion so I decided to wear this Zara jacket.  It was purchased 3 years ago from their sale rack and I still get a ton of compliments when I wear it out.  Definitely one of my favorite pieces.

After our $15 drinks (ouch!) we headed to the Reservoir Lounge on the Esplanade.  I love this place and it is always a good Saturday night alternative to the west side bars.  Situated right beside Pravda and down a handful of stairs, the Reservoir Lounge aways has great live jazz bands to dance to and comfy booths to sip drinks in.  Last night I had their signature cucumber infused martini that they rim with salt and serve with a side of fresh cucumber.  My blouse and skirt are both from H&M and the belt is a Club Monaco oldie from my Western days.  Boots are a recent Winners purchase for $39.99.


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3 responses to “Polka-dot Bop

  1. i LOVE this outfit! lovely.

  2. Julie

    Me likey your jacket. I saw something similar at F21 on the weekend but not as nice. I want to go to Resevoir Lounge soon, haven’t been in a while.

  3. Julie

    Fantastic Winners find. Ridic.

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