Be Italian

Salad King = amazing Thai food in Toronto

Panang curry pad Thai. Wow, so good.

Penelope Cruz in Nine – the girl can dance!

Daniel Day Lewis in Nine – yowza.

My reaction at the end of the movie.

Met up with my friends for dins and a movie on this snowy city night. Dinner was at Salad King, one of the best places for Thai in the city. SO DELISH. We decided to see Nine because we’ve been talking about it for a while and have heard mixed reviews. Some highlights were Penelope Cruz’s dance solo, amazing shots of Italy, Fergie’s number, and just watching Daniel Day Lewis the entire time was pretty intriguing….his Italian accent and body language was ridiculously accurate. I love that he’s disheveled the whole movie but still handsome. I liked this movie but not one I’d rant and rave about, hence my pretend sleep as the credits rolled. Although it did make me wanna dance and sing and I did so on my way out, only to notice two very prominent Torontonians sitting 5 rows in front of me! haha :) JD.



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2 responses to “Be Italian

  1. Bon-Ton

    If this movie was not Italian themed and set, I would have clearly given it two thumbs down, but because of the Italian content, references etc., it received a one thumb up. “Be Italian!”

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