Ugly? Dresses

I always used to see the most amazing dresses in vintage stores and the VV Boutique (what Julie and I call Value Village) but I knew that I would never be able to wear them, sadly I would cruise on.    One year I saw a red, sequined gem, bought it and created a place to wear it: Christine’s 1st Annual Ugly Dress Party.  This past Christmas marked the 2nd anniversary of the now legendary (among my friends) Ugly Dress Party, and in 2009…. the girls brought it.  In ’08 some were hesitant about the level of ugly, but no one held back this past year.  The winner for ’09 was Jessica Wilkes in the white number – God, was her dress ugly!




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7 responses to “Ugly? Dresses

  1. yes! i love this! and i love your blog. xo.

  2. S-JP

    Yip Yip!!! Love it GF’s!

  3. Bon-Ton

    They are so “Bad”, that they are “Good”!

  4. Susanne

    this ugly dress thing could really catch on with alot of gals, you should write a newspaper and submit this, i bet someone would grab the story, it’s awesome!!!

  5. Catch Me if U Can...

    I would like to see what Julie wore that night….

  6. Catch Me if U Can...

    Let me guess, Julie had nothing to wear to the Dress Gala….

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